Water and Healthy Skin
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Water and Healthy Skin

water the universal solvent help reduce body weight. It also provide you with healthy nad shiny skin.

Water, the universal solvent, is the best source of health. At birth more than 80% of the babies body consists of water which is lost on due course of life. Water not only prevents aging but it also keeps the skin healthy, shining and more young. Drinking water at regular times can reduce a lots of hi5 diseases like stroke, heart attack, cholestrol etc. In olden days people used to meet their health requirements and there was minimum heatlh hazards also but now as the life style has changed it is necesary that we also change our health habits.

Some facts about water:

1) In olden days it was said 6-8 glasses of water but now drink approximately 2.5litres of water daily. it is required to keep you healthy.

2)Drinking water prevents dehydration and makes the skin looks healthy. So add more water in your day.

3)Reduce alcoholic beverages as it causes dehydration. Alcohol absorbs water from the body and it dehydrates the skin and antiaging factors are damaged. So avoid alcoholic beverages as far as possible.

4)Water prevents constipation as it adds bulk and softens the feaces. Those who have constipation try adding more water to your diet and let me know the result.

5)Water also provide you a pimple free skin as it removes waste products from the body and it opens the pores and keeps the skin healthy.

6)Add more fresh fruits and vegetables as it contains more water content. It is not absolutely necessary that you drink 2.5 litres water as such. Including juicy fruits like water melon may add up to this.

7)Avoid salted foods. Salted foods contain mainly sodium as its ingredient. Sodium will pull water out of the body causing dehydration.

8)Water help lose body weight as it reduces the appetite. It is an old concept that you will bloat if you drink water. Drinking a cup of water 30 min before food helps reduce weight and will not bloat. Where as salt and sodium rich food intake may gain weight.

9) Avoid canned or tinned drinks and switch on to plain water or fresh juices. Canned drinks may be carcinogenic.

10)The correct timing to drink water will maximize its effectiveness to the human body:

   a) 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before meals will help digestion.

   b) 1 glass after you wake up help internal organs.

   c) 1 glass before you sleep will help avoid stroke or heart attack at midnight..

   d) 1 glass after taking a bath helps to lower blood pressure.

Try this and let know the difference.....

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