Use of Natural Herbs For Skin Care
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Use of Natural Herbs For Skin Care

Use of Natural Herbs For Skin Care

Tea Green it is consider to be a natural antiseptic, which can safely used for acne and skin irritations. Tea tree oil is also know for stimulating hair growth in the scalp for those who want natural way to help with hair growth. Tea Tree is a pure oil, culled from the leaves of an evergreen tree native to Australia. It helps improving uncomfortable, itchy, flaky scalp conditions and to help hair lice and unwanted bacteria from the scalp. It has a natural ,clean, fresh, herbal scent.

Shea Butter is found exclusively in Africa. Unrefined Shea Butter can be used as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It is light and creamy, and melts on your skin leaving it soft and silky. It should be applied liberally on extra dry area of your elbows, cracked heels, hands and improves the strech marks. Shea butter can be used for daily application.

Jojoba is a plant that grows in many semi-arid regions of the world. Jojoba plants are woody perennial bushes native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, northern Mexico and arid California. Jojoba is now grown commercially in Argentina, Israel, Peru and Australia, in addition to the United States. Massage you scalp with jojoba oil which penetrates deep into the skin to help infuse and saturate hair. It is a miracle for hair growth and helps preventing spilt end.

Saw Palmetto is called a dwarf palm. The Saw Palmetto extract comes from the berries of the small palm trees. Saw Palmetto isa tonic and herbal medicine which is used to improve skin and scalp conditions. It isnow vastly used by both men and women to maintain healthy skin and hair. Massage your scalp with the extract daily to prevent hair loss.

Seaweeds are found throughout the world's oceans and seas and none is known to be poisonous.Seaweed is rich in minerals, which stimulates and energizes the scalp and revitalize hair leaving it shinier, and healthier. You can use facial creams ,which are available at beauty stores , rich in seaweed. Seaweed id used extensively in face masks which improve skin texture, rehydrates your skin and prevents dryness.

Alfalfa is popularly known as father of all foods. It works wonders for weak and breaking nails. It is an excellent herb to improve bad mouth breath. Alfalfa contains one and half times more protein than grains like wheat and corn and its carbohydrate content is only half of that found in grains.

Aloe Vera iis a plant grows in a rosette formation. Its juice is used as an antiseptic on burns and reduces pain. The regular use of the clear aloe gel replenishes lost skin moisture and helps in attaining a soft as well as a radiant complexion with youthful tone and appearance.

Basil is a scared herb originated in India. Basil has been widely used in cosmetics. It can be used to diminish the black spots on the face. Grind dried basil leaf, neem powder and dried mint leaves or leaves. Add some turmeric powder and rose water to make it in a paste form and apply it on the black spots. It is also beneficial in reducing enlarged pores by applying with rose water.

Chamomile is a wonder smoothing herb. It has been known as a gentle relaxant that has worked for a variety of common problems from stress to menstrual cramps. It works for tried and puffy eyes. Make a cup of Chamomile tea let it cool. Deep a wash cloth in it and place it over your eyes 2-3 times daily. You may preserve the left over in a clean container but it is recommended that you prepare fresh tea everyday.

Primrose oil is extracted from the evening primrose plant which is also called Oenothera biennis. It is a wildflower found in North America, Europe, parts of Asia and east of the Rockies to the Atlantic. Primrose oil promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.

Powder Turmeric is obtained from turmeric root which is a great antibiotic. It makes number of useful face packs at home. Mix turmeric powder with rose water, lemon and milk. Apply it on face leave it until dry and wash it off with cold water. It is helpful for acne prone and oily skin.

Thyme herb is one of the most surprising herbs.Thyme is a herb of Mediterranean origin .Thyme ointments can help to reduce spots. It is well known for its deep cleansing properties to remove dull and dead skin.

Rosemary using rosemary improves circulation and the nerves. It is used to improve the wrinkled and tried skin. It can be used to clean blemishes, acne and dry dull skin. The regular use of rosemary on scalp leaves hair shiny and beautiful

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