Tattoo Piercing And Good Health Facts
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Tattoo Piercing And Good Health Facts

Health and wellness should be an active part of a tattoo or skin piercing. Learning what to do before you even have your skin touched is not only valuable, but can actually prevent infections which are common with these skin art procedures. Dive into these facts and check out how you can have your appointment at the tattoo parlour a fun and successful experience along with a healthful you long afterwards too.

Tattoo and piercing must combine with good health to successfully have the body art with wellness too. All are possible with some investigation and follow through using these facts.

Research your intended tattoo parlour. Talk to people you know who have had piercings at that establishment and look into the Better Business Bureau for any filed documents that can help you with your decision to choose that place. Your local Chamber of Commerce will have a list of businesses for you to help decide where you will have your tattoo done.

Tattoo shacks, as they are sometimes called, really invite you to deeply investigate the history by Internet as well. Go to the website and read the reviews of clients explaining the experience they have had with the business you are inquiring about now.

Physically go to the tattoo business. Bring a list of the points you are checking while you are there. Stop at the front desk to converse with the receptionist. Have your list handy and start asking your questions until they are all answered.

Questions to ask at tattoo parlour

1.  Who will actually be doing your tattoo or piercing?

2.  What years of experience does this person have>

3.  Are there drawings for you to look at to help you determine which piercing or tattoo you will have?

4.  Who owns the business?

5.  Payment permitted

6.  Will there be a written plan for you to follow to prepare for tattoo or piercing?

7.  Ask to have the tattoo artist go over the procedure in a nutshell now.If that is not possible return when that can be done.

Observations at the tattoo parlour

1.  Carefully scan the work area where tattoos will be done.

2.  Note that you should not be permitted in this work area for cleanliness.

3.  Stand and watch, if possible, how the artist handles the equipment.

4.  Observe hand washing and adorning and removal of gloves.

5.  Note if the tattoo parlour will be open the time and day you wish to do business with them.

Ask for your instructions prior to making an appointment. Take this home and study it, so you will have proper supplies before your procedure is performed. Take a card or phone number when you leave in the event some questions come up when you get home. Talk to your doctor in person or on the phone to inform of the tattoo and piercing going to take place prior to appointment to have that artwork done. Ask about any medicines you should not take the morning or days before your procedure.

Stock up your needed supplies before you even have your tattoo or piercing. Buy the supplies at near by drug or pharmacy center to save time and money when you are out shopping. Purchase broth, tea and clear liquids in the event of nausea the day of your tattoo.

Health points prior to the piercing or tattoo includes a good night's sleep and shower the morning of the procedure. Eat a light meal prior to appointment and leave the house well hydrated. Do not buy new clothes to wear the day of your appointment. Do not wear clothes that have been bleached or ones you have used fabric softener on or other chemicals.

Keep your medical application supplies away from animal dander and from anyone else touching the containers. Follow all instructions according to the tattoo artist statements. Wear gloves if possible to check the healing of the skin while disposing of gloves after each use and not touching anything else when they are on your hands. Prevent infection to the skin that has been subjected to tattooing or piercing.


Roberta Baxter nurse and person who had piercing.

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Comments (13)

It is not worth it to save money by going to a cheap place, if it is not clean, walk away.  Good advice.

another great article, I wouldn't get a tatoo but my son has several

Very interesting article again. I'm not at all into tattoos, but your post will help those persons who like these. Thank you Roberta.

Very interesting. we get sticker tattoos here.

Some very important information to get out there, thanks Roberta!

Nice read. Thanks for sharing. Voted up....

I have tatoo of the image of Radha-Krishna on my right arm and the maha-mantra encircling my left arm, the tatoo artist who did these is the president of the Association of Tatoo Artist in the Philippines - he's an expert on tatoo, great to konw this Roberta. 

Good info for everyone to know, thanks.

Thanks for sharing this information, Robeta.

Good guidelines here Roberta. I wanted to get a tattoo for myself unfortunately my relatives especially the seniors disappove.

Important topic and very good advice here!  With so many people getting tattoos and body piercing, this article is a must read for those who are contemplating going this route.  Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge.


You have presented valuable information and thoughtful questions for anyone considering a tattoo. Why anyone would consider is a mystery to me!

I understand why but it's not for me:)