Skin Care: How to Avoid Dark Circles Under Eyes from Forming
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Skin Care: How to Avoid Dark Circles Under Eyes from Forming

Imagine applying too much of chemical products and adding unwanted toxins to your body when it is easier to prevent these dark circles from forming.

Skincare is one of the most difficult tasks for many. Most of the times, watching TV or working on a computer for long hours at nights create black circles under your eyes. Well, I can hear you saying, ‘so what.....I have multiple make up applications and techniques to hide the black circles in my eyes. Why should I compromise on late night browsing or watching a movie along with my friends?’.

Go ahead and read this article fully. You will understand why it is important to avoid getting black circles under your eyes.

How do dark circles form?

There are thin veins beneath the skin of an eye responsible for multiple functions including the blood circulation to your eyes. When eyes are put under stress by over work, the skin under your eye becomes thin and transparent, and in turn veins start to appear prominently. These veins are the reasons for your skin under eyes to develop dark circles. Slowly this will also lead a way to puffy eyes and later they become like skin bags under your eyes.

What happens with the black circles?

Due to aging one can develop black circles under eyes because the skin starts loosing its elasticity with the process. Imagine the same effect happening to your skin when you are still young. Apart from finding out options for hiding your dark circles, you will also start running behind the various anti aging techniques. Imagine applying too much of chemical products and adding unwanted toxins to your body when it is easier to prevent these dark circles from forming. Not only you look aged and ugly, your appearance also becomes like an unhealthy person.

How can you avoid dark circles under your eyes from forming?

If you have a habit of smoking and alcohol consumption, try to quit that habit from now on. Dark circles under eyes can happen if you have a smoking or / and drinking habit

Sleep well for at least 6-7 hours at night. If you have disturbed sleep because of snoring or Insomnia, get it treated immediately. Similar to passive smoking effects, you can develop black circles if your partner is snoring

Stop watching TV or working on your computer at least half an hour before going to bed

Have a healthy diet rich in fiber and vitamin K, so that your digestive system is well in place and you get a good night’s sleep

Drink plenty of water or juices to avoid problems with dehydration

Taking warm bath before bed can help you to sleep well

Reading a book for half an hour before going to bed can help you to get a good sleep

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays. Using an appropriate sunglass or suncream lotions will help you from developing dark circles under eyes

Do you know that black circles under eyes could be the symptoms of certain diseases such as kidney diseases, allergens, digestive system disorders, nasal disorder and Insomnia? Heredity also plays a role in giving dark circle under your eye. The most important aspect you should remember is that dark circles, if they are strong, cannot be removed completely. All home remedies and other multiple treatment options work only when the dark circles under your eyes are light. Prevention is always better than cure. Prevent dark circles under your eyes from forming by having a healthy lifestyle.


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Comments (8)

Interesting. Dark circles around the eyes is often a problem among older women.

Thanks Felisa.

Good advice

Good tips for prevention: nutrition and lifestyle habits are so important for looking beautiful (and handsome). Unfortunately for some women and ethnic groups- that kind of discoloration is actually genetic. There ARE uninvasive products that can be used to remedy dark under-eye circles, but, for the most part- once they are there, they won't be going anywhere fast. In which case- concealer (in my opinion) is an excellent way to draw attention away from those problem areas.

Thanks Kate for the tips

Very informative, and great tips to take control of those dark circle now!

Good article....I think dark circles are also hereditary , some have dark circles right from their teen years and no matter what care or treatment they take, they are unable to get rid of it...


I have genetic dark circles and have tried everything to mask them. My dermatologist recommended the Made from Earth "Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum" for under the eyes, and the Olive Night Creme for all over the face at night.

It feels good going on - I use it twice a day. I didn't realize what an impact it made until I ran out of it and noticed considerable puffiness around my eyes and darker circles after only a week of not having it. It has definitely made a difference for me.