Prevent Palmer Hyperhidrosis or Sweaty Palms
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Prevent Palmer Hyperhidrosis or Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms are very embarrassing in social situations. Find out ways to alleviate these!

Excessive sweating of the palms can be very debilitating and uncomfortable in social situations. To people who do not understand the situation, they may think you're always nervous when in reality you may suffer from palmer hyperhidrosis. The condition is caused by hyperactivity in your Symathetic Nervous System and causes sweat glands to cause perspiration continuously. It doesn't matter what temperature you're in, it will still happen.

The body is amazing. Sweating is what the body uses to help regulate it's temperature. That's why in the hot weather or while exercising, you sweat. It prevents the body from overheating. While the body has millions of sweat glands, half of them are found in your hands. Sweat glands, when over heated through exercise or extreme temperatures, release sweat to attempt to help cool your body. It gets your body back down to it's natural temperature.

Those who have sweaty palms often have no reason to sweat at all. The body prematurely sweats for a number of reasons, a lot of those reasons are unknown. This can cause severe embarrassment in social situations and can get in the way of performing some daily tasks. Unfortunately, there is no cure for sweaty palms, but there is a medical procedure and preventative options. Medical procedures for this condition are not usually approved by insurance since it is not a medical necessity to treat. Surgical procedures for severe palmar hyperhidrosis should be a last option for someone with such a treatable condition.

There are many ways to end this condition so you can go back out into the social world again with comfort! What are they?

Geranium Oil – Not only will this leave your hands with a great smell, it will also dry your skin. The drying effect is what will cure your sweaty palms.

Avoid Foods Rich In Iodine – This would be broccoli, asparagus, white onion, beef, liver and turkey.

Tea Bags – Take about 4-6 tea bags and boil them in water. Once the water has cooled, soak your palms for about 10-20 minutes. The tea has properties that can act as a natural antiperspirant.

Alcohol Wipes – Use alcohol based hand wipes to temporarily shrink pores. These would include Wet Wipes and the wipes you get at a restaurant.

Everyone who has this condition goes on to live normal lives. It's wise to keep the alcohol based wipes in your pocket as well as a Purel type waterless hand soap. Anything that is alcohol based will help to shrink your pores. It's common habit for those with this condition to work the natural treatments into their everyday lives.

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