Microbes Viruses and Mites That Share Your Body
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Microbes Viruses and Mites That Share Your Body

Over 600 million bacteria share the human body. Mites related to the spider and a mostly dormant virus live there too.

There’s one thing for sure and that’s the fact that you are never alone. The human body is covered, inside and out with millions of organisms, most of which are bacteria. Even if you have just come out of the shower, you are covered in them.

There are more than six hundred million bacteria crawling around just on the surface of your skin and these include more than a dozen different types, in saliva inside the mouth, and in the lower digestive system. Even the healthiest, cleanest person out there hosts several fungi, a virus and kind of mite.

Bacteria in the bowel do us no harm provided that they stay where they should be and they can actually protect us against disease causing bacteria which may have been swallowed unintentionally by stopping them from multiplying. Some bacteria make vitamin B12 which is normally found only in meat. This vitamin helps with the formation of blood cells.

Four main kinds of bacteria live on your skin and these can be found almost anywhere on the body. These are known as corynebacteria, micrococci, streptococci and coliform bacteria. Other relatively harmless bacteria live wherever there is moisture such as the groin, or underarm area. The skin of the armpits can have as many as eight hundred bacteria per square millimeter which is a staggering 516,000 per square inch. Drier areas like the forearm have around twenty bacteria per square millimeter.

Saliva itself has at least six types of bacteria in it and some of these cause dental plaque, tooth decay and gum disease. These include streptococci, corynebacteria, fusobacteria, neisseriae, bacilli and spirochaetes.

Your large bowel is crawling with bacteria too, but these are mostly harmless unless they escape from the bowel and move to other parts of the body. These can cause peritonitis, blood poisoning and urinary infections if they start moving around the body.

Three types of yeast live on the skin too. Malassezia furfur is found mostly on the chest and back and candida albicans grows between the toes but can also occur in the mouth. Tricospora beigelii lives on the scalp. Two other types of fungus can cause ringworm and athlete’s foot.

If that hasn’t made you feel itchy enough already, you might be surprised to find that there is more.

The mite democlex folliculorum which is related to the spider family, lives in your hair follicles and in the sebaceous glands on most people’s faces, especially in the eyebrows. One particular strain of herpes simplex lives inside the nerve fibres of ninety percent of adults and it is the only virus which does this. Usually it is dormant and causes no problems but once your general health is low it may spring into action and cause cold sores. It can also be activated by too much sun.

No matter how many times you shower or how many detox diets you try, you will always carry around all these bacteria and other miniscule creatures.

I have to admit that it is the spiders in my eyebrows that worry me most.  The picture above shows mites clustered around an eyelash.


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Comments (7)

And all over the Factoidz and internet community people are scratching lol

...and they caught it from me!

Each one of us is transporting non fare paying passengers!

This article really bugged me I am going to go shower now in really hot water and use lye soap.

Ugghhh...yeah I think the mites related to spiders crawling around my head and face bother me the most too, when I read that sentence I definitely cringed. I always knew we all have small creepy crawlies on us, just didn't know it was that many different creatures!! YUCK!

Thanks, I'll never feel clean again... lol

Lovely. I can't wait to share this article with my disease-fearing fiance. Wahaha!