List of Foods That Will Cause You to Sunburn if Ingested Prior to Sun Exposure
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List of Foods That Will Cause You to Sunburn if Ingested Prior to Sun Exposure

Foods that will cause sunburn

Why am I getting so much sunburn after using lip balm, and a SPF of 30+? Many people don’t realize that certain foods, fruits, or medication can cause you to burn more. Some people may be more sensitive than others, especially kids.

Some of the items that cause you to burn more in the sun are parsnips, spicy mustards, celery, lime, mango, citrus fruits or juices, carrots, dill, kennel, certain tea’s, and polyunsaturated vegetable oils. If you plan on having any of these products before you head out to the sun make sure you have extra sun protection. What can I use for extra sun protection along with my SPF sunscreen? Besides using sunscreen you can apply canned or fresh pineapple juice or any form of coconut oil.

If you decide to choose the pineapple juice make sure you apply the juice after your sunscreen. Rub your sunscreen on all desired places. Then take canned pineapple juice or freshly squeezed juice and place it into an applicator bottle that you use for hair coloring. When the juice is in the applicator bottle it will definitely be very thin. To thicken this up a bit place a very small pinch of baking soda to the mixture. Shake it for a few minutes then apply over your sunscreen. Make sure to reapply your sunscreen as often as needed. If the bottle says apply every 4-8 hours don’t wait apply it after 3 hours or so. This way you are guaranteed protection from the sun and sunburn.

Another great way to prevent too much sunburn is to apply the coconut oil. The coconut oil can be of any kind, but to me the best one is virgin coconut oil. In today’s world coconut oil has many advantages to it. Coconut oil is great for your skin, hair, nails, itchiness, peeling, rashes, sore ears on pets or people, and even diets. How do you apply the coconut oil for extra sun protection? Do the same procedure as mentioned above except omit the baking soda. After you come out of the sun take your shower and apply the coconut oil to your skin. The coconut oil will help prevent any skin peeling, dry patches, and help take the heat out of the sunburn.

When you go in the sun always make sure you have all the right protection and extra water bottles. Drinking plenty of water is the key to stay moisturized. One more thing if you do end up with sunburn make sure not to use fragranced soap for the first few days. Sometimes the soap with the fragrances will cause more irritation to your skin.

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Comments (4)

Great article Angles! Great tips, now I know why I tend to burn when I go out. Thank you for sharing this info!

TY for the new ideas about an old problem - not to mention the harm that a sun burn can cause many years down the road. From now on, not going out without my pineapple juice and my coconut oil!

Very good article Angels... I know certain meds can make you burn more... I'm not supposed to be in the sun much with my meds. Thanks for telling us about the foods to watch out for when going into the sun. I didn't know this.

Interesting ideas and article! I'm that little girl mother kept inside or under shade trees or that strange lady you see at the beach with the long flowing gauzy dress with a great big brimmed straw hat and the biggest umbrella she can find. Because she can blister in the southern sun in oh, about 45 minutes. And wears dark sunglasses while out and especially driving since the sun blinds her to tears without them. Light strawberries and cream complexion and sun sensitive eyes. However, about 4 years ago we vacationed in NY and I totally surprised myself with somewhat of a mild tan. First time in my life, since most times a day in the sun can leave me with 2nd degree burns and sun sickness. Was the difference in the humidity. I'll have to keep coconut oil and pineapple juice in mind. Thanks for the tips! :)