How to Have Healthy, Beautiful Skin, Without Blowing Your Budget Part 2
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How to Have Healthy, Beautiful Skin, Without Blowing Your Budget Part 2

Many people feel unconfident in themselves, due to their skin. This is the second part of an article that will help you feel more comfortable in the skin you have without spending much more than a couple of dollars.

Note: Part 1 of this article can be found by clicking here.

Many people these days look at models and superstars in magazines, and want to be like them. This is one of the contruibuting factors to why lots of people these days want to make their skin as similar to the models and superstars as possible. Of course, you cannot change your skin type, but there are a couple of tricks of the trade to help your skin look more radiant and healthy, without paying thousands for surgery.

5. Cleanse your pores: This is one of the most effective techniques for clear skin on your face. This will work especially well if you have acne prone skin. The best part about this technique is, the only requirements are, really hot water, a towel, a normal

cleanser and cold water. First of all, fill a sink, or bowl with the hotest water that you can get. Make sure it is steaming. As quickly as possible, try and get your face near the water, and put your towel over your face and the bowl, to stop the steam from getting out. This acts as a sauna. Wait a while. Take the towel off, and, reasonably fast, get the cleanser, and apply it to

your face. After a little while, wash it off with warmish water. The next step is to put your face in cold water, for as long as possible. If you live near the sea, or have a coolish pool, this is the perfect time to schedule a swim.

The longer the swim, the more effective this treatment is. What this treatment has basically done is, opened your pores as much as possible, cleansed your pores so that they are clean and clear, and then closed your pores for as long as possible. This is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

6. Don't touch your face: Touching your face is a bad idea, especially if you have trouble with acne. If you touch your face, you can inflame the skin, cause pore blockage, and other things that do not help your skin look good.

7. Wash your hair every day, and try and keep it off of your face: Hair can be very greasy, and if you leave it on your skin, without washing it for a while, it will tend to cause more pore blockages and acne. You do not need to change your hair

style, just to get your hair off of your face, it is not that big a deal. If you really cannot live without your hairstyle, then make sure you wash your hair daily. Also, hair products can also make your hair more harmful to your skin.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with your skin, and made you feel more comfortable in your own skin. No pun intended

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