Homemade Treatments for Sunburn
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Homemade Treatments for Sunburn

Use this mixtures for treating sunburn. These homemade treatments will prove effective to relieve and soothe the discomfort and pain of sunburned skin.

Sunburn is almost always synonymous to summer, the season when both adults and children enjoy outdoor activities and have fun in the warmth of the sun. Anyone going to the beach, going fishing, working in the garden, or simply walking under the sun can get sunburned.

Sunburn is literally a burn on the skin, an inflammation, caused by the ultra violet radiation from exposure under the heat of the sun. Depending on the type of skin that you have, the injury can start even after 30 minutes of exposure. It is also known that certain fair haired and light skinned people are at greater risk of sunburn injury.

In most cases, sunburn is not a major injury but it can be very uncomfortable and irritating because of the burning sensation and itchiness on the skin. Although the best action against sunburn is prevention, some people are more prone to burning.

One of the immediate relief for sunburn is by applying a cold compress such as a towel wrapped frozen bag of peas or an ice pack. If you are sunburned, it is also important to rehydrate your body by drinking lots of water and liquids to help your body recover from the inside out.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

The treatment for an ordinary sunburn is to cool the damaged tissue of the skin. Although there are a lot of over the counter ointments that will do this, here are some homemade treatments that you can do:

COOL MILK (NOT COLD): Take a clean cloth or gauze, soak it in cool milk, and apply it on the sunburned skin for 20 minutes. According to Dr.Amy Pappert of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, cold milk is one of the best option because it creates a protein film over the affected area while it relieves the initial heat felt by the skin.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: If a large part of your body is covered by sunburn, bathe in a tub of lukewarm water with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to ease the pain. However, if the sunburned area is limited to a small part, soak a clean thin towel in apple cider vinegar and apply it over the burn. Leavc it on to prevent your skin from peeling and itching.

BAKING SODA: Soak yourself in a lukewarm bath with ½ cup of baking soda and instead of drying the sunburned skin with the towel, let it air dry.

Like apple cider vinegar, baking soda also helps in cooling and moisturizing the skin So, if you do not have applce cider vinegar available, baking soda is a good substitute for sunburn treatment.

CUCUMBER SLICES: Rub the sunburned area with cucumber slices to cool and soothe the skin. This will also soften and reduce the redness and inflammation of the affected area.

COOL WHOLEMILK YOGURT: Apply cold wholemilk yogurt to the sunburned areas and rinse it with cold water when it becomes warm. Reapply as desired and needed.

Like milk, the coolness and the fat of yogurt soothes the heat of the sunburned skin.

OATMEAL: Oatmeal has always been used for beauty care to nourish the skin and it is also a very effective treatment for sunburn.

For sunburn covering a large portion of your body, take 10 cups of regular oatmeal and put it in a food processor or blender and blend on high until it is fine as powder. Put the powdered oatmeal in a cup and add water enough to make a paste before adding it to your lukewarm bath. Stir well with your foot and soak in your bath for 10 to 20 minutes, making sure that all the parts affected by sunburn is well into the water. Air dry instead of towelling dry after the bath, letting the oatmeal residue fall off as it dries. The longer it stays on your skin, the more soothing moisture your sunburned skin will receive.

If your sunburn is limited to certain portions, apply the paste directly to the affected area by using a cotton pad.

Of course, the best treatment for sunburn is avoidance, but we all know that staying out of the sun is quite hard to do. However, it is always good to know that there are effective and practical homemade treatments from your refrigerators and cupboards that can come in handy when you need them.

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