Eco-friendly Makeups That Are Also Ultra-glam
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Eco-friendly Makeups That Are Also Ultra-glam

Natural Beauty does not mean "dowdy"

When it comes to eco-friendly makeup, most lines emphasizes more "natural" tones. This is partly from the ingredients, as they're from nature, they tend to come in the colors of natural substances. But not all makeup lines stop there. Some do have brighter, prettier colors.I used to work with cosmetics at Whole Foods, so I know a little about the new mineral/natural stuff.

Now, when it comes to foundation, you'll want a natural looking base, and here, natural makeup can absolutely be better than what you get in the drugstore. Particularly a natural, mineral powder foundation. Because it's made of tiny microparticles of minerals, it floats on the surface of the skin and is very comfortable to wear. The mineral particles reflect light and make ALL types of skin look healthier and more even-toned. I'm 46 and I LOVE how youthful and healthy it makes my skin look, but even young skin can benefit. The minerals help heal problem skin - so if you have pimples, it's just the ticket.

You want a mineral makeup that does NOT contain Bismuth Oxychloride, as it causes excess oil production and contributes to large pores. Also avoid talc, because it can irritate your lungs. Some drugstore brands of mineral makeup contain both, so read your labels! I'm a fan of the Larenim product because it contains neither. You do have to apply the loose powder layered in SMALL amounts. A lot on your brush all at once will make you look cakey, instead of glowy.

Not everyone can master this technique without being shown. Other companies make some great liquid and pressed powder foundations. Ones I've used are: Mineral Fusion, Zuzu by Gabrielle, Zia, Dr. Hauschka (very limited, pale palette - they're German!) and a few that are no longer made.

There are TONS of mineral-based makeup lines coming on the market these days. Drugstore brands are jumping on the bandwagon, so read your labels. One great place to look up your products' safety is:,

Now, for bright colors in lipsticks, I've found some great colors in the Zuzu and Dr. Hauschka lines, but they won't match every skin tone. Dr. Hauschka has one of the best (and, alas most expensive) lip balms I've every used, but the stuff REALLY moisturizes everything and lasts about a year- even if you use it constantly. They also make a great dark purple mascara that I just adore.

For bright pretty eye colors, the Larenim is my favorite. They even have a "goth" line. For a darker shade, put it on wet! I've also found some silvers, purples, light blues and pinks in the Zuzu line. They have some other wild colors that just don't work with my Scandinavian skin, but they might work with yours! Zuzu also makes bright cobalt liquid eyeliner! They have other colors too.

So, when you decide to "get natural", don't worry. All is NOT drab! You just have to search a bit.


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[...] Eco-friendly makeups that are also ultra-glam: Posted on Wed 19 Aug 11:37 retweet 0 votes RT @greenliving101: Eco-friendly makeups that are [...]