Different Kinds of Cystic Acne Treatment
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Different Kinds of Cystic Acne Treatment

What are the different kinds of acne treatment. Different kinds of treatment for acne.

Cystic acne is the most painful type of acne. It is by far the harshest kind of acne. Treatment for this condition takes time. It is due to changes in hormones and it can be hereditary as well. It can affect anyone but it is more prevalent to teenage boys. Here are some treatments that are known to treat cystic acne.

Accutane reduces the size of sebaceous glands and surface of the skin. It hinders the production of white and blackheads. It is a restricted medicine and can only be dispensed upon dermatologist’s prescription.

Oral contraceptives for women also show positive effects in treating acne. Although this cannot be relied upon heavily; it does control one of four factors that worsen the acne- when our body produces so much sebum that can lead to clogging of pores. Taking oral contraceptives has restriction as well. It can only be taken if you are 35 years or under; does not smoke and no history of high blood pressure. Examples of oral pills are Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Estrostep.

Intralesional injection involves injection of cortisone in the lesions. It uses very thin needle and it does not hurt so much. It provides prompt relief to painful inflamed areas. Lesion heals approximately one week after the treatment. It also reduces the occurrence of scars.

Surgical incision is done when other acne treatment medicines do not work. It is also called acne surgery. Dermatologists make incision on the cyst and then drain them. Do not try to drain your own cyst. You are making matters worse by exposing your cysts to further infection.

Proper diet plays a big part in treating your cystic acne. Eating fruits and vegetables are the agents of detoxification that flushes out toxins and other harmful agents in our body. Get yourself in a cleansing diet. It is a foolproof method in helping acne treatment.

Cystic acne will scar your face and probably, your self confidence. The hideous lesions will deplete your self-esteem. However, do not worry. It is not a lasting defect. It may take a while to finally eliminate it. What you should concern yourself about is the proper cystic acne treatment. It is the only way of regaining back the old structure of your skin, and self confidence. You may not see the results at once but one thing is for sure, acne is treatable. You just have to seek and follow medical recommendations. Cystic acne treatment may last a while, but the result will far outweigh the frustration once you see the outcome.

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