Acne Causing Foods: Foods Which Cause Acne
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Acne Causing Foods: Foods Which Cause Acne

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If you are prone to acne then it might be a good idea to check out your eating habits. There are some foods which cause acne, therefore keep an eye on your diet to get rid of your acne problems.

The foods you eat and the quality of your skin is related to a great extent. One of the best things you can do to avoid the symptoms that accompany acne is to avoid foods that damage both your health and skin. Acne indeed causes distress and embarrassment. So instead of being stressed about your acne problem simply take care of your dietary routine and I am sure you can avoid acne to a great deal. Read on to learn all about the foods which cause acne.

For all of you who are prone to acne, you should keep away from spicy, oily, greasy, fatty foods, dairy and sweets; as these foods are indeed a big cause of acne. You should particularly avoid foods like






•Ice cream and other dairy products

•Processed cheeses

•Large amounts of Red meat

Too Much Salt Consumption also Causes Acne

Excessive salt consumption not only causes acne breakouts but also leads to water retention, puffy eyes and increased blood pressure. Therefore to much salt is not at all good for health.

To prevent acne and other health problems simply avoid foods that are high in salt. Stay away from cheese of any kind (including cottage cheese), pre-packaged and processed food,  junk food, salty ham and bacon, hot dogs, canned tuna, pizza, lasagna, ravioli, quiche, pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, canned soup, canned sauces of any kind, and salty salad dressings.

Artificial Sweeteners

Plain sugar is much much beneficial than artificial sweeteners. It is indeed better off consuming  plain  sugar as artificial sweeteners are processed and are full of chemicals , lots and lots of chemicals. These chemicals are not at all good for your skin as they react negatively and cause an acne breakout.

In majority of the cases acne break outs are the result of artificial sweeteners. Stop consuming any kind of artificial sweetener and stick to white plain sugar or opt brown sugar or organic sugar.

You must stay away from acne causing foods, regardless of the various remedies and treatments you take to get rid of acne. If you don't change your diet then, the acne re-occur now and again and those remedies  and treatments can't do what their supposed to do. Therefore eating right foods is a must!

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